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MX local call: +526121009820

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Welcome to beautiful Los Barriles, Baja California Sur, Mexico!

This is the wilder side of Baja where desert meets mountain, all shored up against one of the most biodiverse bodies of water on the planet.  Our tiny seaside community is located directly on the sparkling Sea of Cortez, a spectacular vision that Jacques Cousteau famously termed, The World’s Aquarium.    From blue water fishing to snorkeling to scuba diving to kite surfing to trekking into hidden waterfalls, Los Barriles is known for every cool adventure sport in the East Cape and having a brand new Quadman Baja sport vehicle at your disposal is the key to taking each sun splashed day to the next level, especially since most of the spots ready to be explored are only available by Quad.    Our laid back, sporty town vibe keeps folks coming back year after year geared up to explore miles of white sand beaches, discover remote outposts for beach front fishing pitstops, gear up for rugged rambles down sandy arroyos to freshwater swimming holes in the middle of palm tree jungles…and really, just play with the inner-kid in you that simply wants to awaken your spirit, dominate the local trails and feel the fresh ocean breeze on your face 24/7 while cruising around in a Quadman Baja all-terrain sport vehicle!   Time to amplify your Los Barriles experience to legend status…

Daily Store Hours
8:00am - 5:00pm

Our Fleet for 2024:


Yamaha Kodiak 450cc 4x4 2 seater

 8 hours.............$129

24 hours............$149

2 Days...............$239

3 Days...............$319

4 Days...............$369

5 Days...............$395

6 Days...............$475

7 Days...............$475

420 cc engine, seats two adults with rear seat, automatic DCT transmission, four wheel drive



Honda Pioneer 2 Seater 500cc

8 hours........$189

24 hours......$249

2 Days..........$395

3 Days..........$450

4 Days..........$549

5 Days..........$649

6 Days..........$749

7 Days..........$795

500 cc engine, seats two adults, sun roof, easy to drive and park around Los Barriles, automatic DCT transmission, two wheel or four wheel drive, disk brakes



Honda Pioneer 700cc - 4 Seater

8 hours.........$265

24 hours.......$315

2 Days..........$450

3 Days..........$595

4 Days..........$785

5 Days..........$935

6 Days..........$1075

7 Days..........$1150

700cc engine, seats four adults, front bench seating, automatic DCT transmission, dual rate shocks for smooth ride, disk brakes



Honda Pioneer 6, 1000cc
Crew 6 Seater

8 hours........$343

24 hours......$382

2 Days..........$644

3 Days..........$792

4 Days..........$916

5 Days..........$1085

6 Days..........$1184

7 Days..........$1283

With 6 seats with room for all your crew, power steering, 4x4 and a 1000cc engine with all the power you need



Kawasaki Teryx 800cc 4 seaters

8 hours.........$265

24 hours.......$315

2 Days..........$450

3 Days..........$595

4 Days..........$785

5 Days..........$935

6 Days..........$1075

7 Days..........$1150

Fox 2.0 shocks for smooth ride, sun roof, power steering, four seat versions available


Honda Talon White red WEB.jpg

Honda Talon 1000cc - 4 seater

8 hours........$415

24 hours......$450

2 Days..........$745

3 Days..........$875

4 Days..........$1025

5 Days..........$1195

6 Days..........$1349

7 Days..........$1395

Six-speed automatic DCT Transmission / paddle shift, electronic Fox live suspension - suspension adjusts 60 times per second for a smooth ride, Bluetooth stereo



Kawasaki KRX 1000cc - 4 seater

8 hours........$457

24 hours......$495

2 Days..........$820

3 Days..........$963

4 Days..........$1128

5 Days..........$1315

6 Days..........$1484

7 Days..........$1535

Largest passenger space, 5 speaker stereo, 16" woofer, Bluetooth, electronic suspension - the smoothest ride, moon roof, GPS hi-res color TFT, very quiet engine


Meet The QuadmanBaja Team


Alfonso Burgoin

10 years with QuadmanBaja

Languages spoken: Spanish and English

Last vacation destination: Loreto 

Favorite restaurant: Hotdogs La Verocle


Paulina Zapeda

7 years with QuadmanBaja

Languages spoken: Spanish and English

Last vacation destination: Chiapas 

Favorite restaurant: La Playa


Karla Cosio

2 years with QuadmanBaja

Languages spoken: Spanish and English

Last vacation destination: Chiapas 

Favorite restaurant: Smokey's

Yulissa Tamayo González

2 years with QuadmanBaja

Languages spoken:

Spanish and Google Translator

Last vacation destination: Sinaloa 

Favorite restaurant: La Playa

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This could be you...

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Travel Safe!  We have implemented extraordinary measures of cleanliness and operational protocols in our shop to ensure that our ATV’s and quads are ready for you in the safest possible environment.  Each of our long-time employees wear masks and are diligently following the highest international sanitation standards. ​ The Basics Age Limit:  16-years-old for Quad/ATV…25-years-old for side-by-side. Forms of Payment:  Cash, major credit cards, personal checks, PayPal. Reservations:  Advance notice is helpful to ensure availability, but walk-ups are welcome! No prior ATV experience necessary and we can deliver upon request! What is the difference between a quad, and ATV, and a side-by-side? Each of the vehicles in our fleet operate on four wheels. Quads and ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) are one and the same -- the operator straddles the seat, and the steering control is via the handlebar.  ​ In contrast, side-by-sides offer a bit more room with traditional seats, steering control via a steering wheel with individual driver and passenger seats next to one another…just like a traditional car or truck. ​ Why rent a Quad in the first place? Well, for starters, they are awesome to tool around on!  But more so, quads are the transportation mode of choice in Los Barriles.  They make getting around town simple and fun, whether you're beach hopping, zipping around the corner for fresh fish tacos, or headed into town for a massage or quick cappuccino fix.  It's only when you have the wind in your hair, the scent of exotic flowers in your nose, and an unobstructed view of the Sea of Cortez that your Baja experience truly comes alive.   What makes Quadman Baja superior to any other rental company? At Quadman Baja, we have been creating unique Baja experiences for over twenty years – and we have been around longer than any other rental company in town.  As a locally owned company, we know what you're looking for, even if you don't.   From guided off-road adventures down riverbeds in the nearby Sierra de la Laguna mountains to snorkeling in the pristine waters of the Sea of Cortez, our knowledgeable staff will tailor an experience specifically for you, with unforgettable memories you'll cherish for a lifetime. ​ Helmets and baby seats are available for inclusion in your rental at no additional charge, and we offer 24-hour assistance should any need occur. ​ We can also provide coolers, snorkel gear and fishing rods upon request (additional charges apply). ​ Additionally, owner Ron Macrae has been an active member of the Los Barriles community for over two decades.  In addition to being a local business owner, Ron has given back to the community in numerous ways, including creating the town's first-ever animal shelter in conjunction with an international pet adoption program, personally founding a sidewalk improvement program for the streets of Los Barriles, as well as being active member of the local Rotary International chapter. ​ And don't just take our word for it; go ahead and check out our many five-star reviews on Trip Advisor... ​ Are quads safe and street legal? Yes and yes!  In fact, their size and convenience make them a more common sight on the streets of Los Barriles than cars or trucks.   Our top-of-the-line fleet is constantly being maintained by career professionals and mechanics, who make your safety their number one priority.  Before you step in the driver's seat, we work with you one-on-one to ensure you're comfortable and fully briefed on how to have a safe, fun experience. ​ Do I need to be able to drive a manual transmission/stick shift? Absolutely not.   Each of the vehicles in our fleet has a fully automatic transmission.

Meet Quadman

Meet Quadman

Quadman portrait 1.jpg

Ronald MacRae

25 years with QuadmanBaja

Languages spoken: English and Canadian

Last vacation destination: McCall, Idaho

Favorite restaurants: Caleb's, Beans and Rice, Verdugos, Smokey's

Over thirty years ago, avid windsurfer Ron "Quadman” Macrae, made his way from Hood River, Oregon down the Baja peninsula in search of wind - and he found it when he drifted into what was to become his forever home, Los Barriles.   

In 2000, after noticing a need for long-term sport vehicle rentals, Quadman opened his ATV & Mini Jeep Rental's in Los Barriles and almost overnight became known amongst friends as The King of ATV’s.

Over the decades, he has helped shape Los Barriles into a sport lovers paradise by continually upgrading his fleet, scaling his business with the times, and investing whole-heartedly into the community.  

He and his longtime team continue to serve thousands of happy repeat customers on a daily basis at Quadman Baja.

Always a committed animal activist and lifelong animal lover, Ron noticed a need for a humane society in the area and together with like-minded locals, founded A.L.M.A. Humanitaria, A.C. in February 2003.  Ron served as its first president and A.L.M.A. only just recently shuttered after 20 successful and impactful years. 

Currently, Ron is heavily involved with the most successful animal adoption outfit in the East Cape, Cortez Rescue and Outreach. 

Find this wonderful 501(c)3 on Facebook @cortezrescue.


Click on the link to adopt your next pal or donate to a great and loving cause.

Ron continues to stay very active locally and further serves the community of Los Barriles as an active member of the local Rotary International chapter, as well as personally creating the Los Barriles Sidewalk Safety Project.

A native of Seattle, Washington, Ron started his business career with the accounting firm of Peat, Marwick and Mitchell's Seattle office as a corporate auditor. 

Before moving to Los Barriles, and in what feels like another life, Ron owned a decade long real estate investment firm in San Francisco and prior to that, he was a Corporate Finance officer with Shearson American Express in New York. 

Quadman loves to see his enthusiastic customers roaming the friendly streets of Los Barriles in their rentals and living life to the fullest.  

See you out there!

Reviews from TripAdvisor


Manzanita, OR



We have been renting from Quadman

for 4 Years and have never been

disappointed. Ron and the crew have

been super professional. Alphonso

delivered it to our door at Rancho

Buena Vista. He is a gentleman and

very professional as well. We highly

recommend them for your ATV rental


Written 06/04/19


Highlight from out trip!



We had the best day as a family on our

tour with Alfonso! (He is an excellent guide!). I communicated with Alfonso a few times before we arrived in Mexico and he was very professional and

helpful. The day of our tour, our vehicles were all set to go and Alfonso was waiting for us. We rode for about five hours, up to a mango plantation and then to an arroyo where we rode up to a waterfall. We felt totally safe the whole time. There are many

outfitters in Los Barriles, but this is the company you want to go with! Thank you, Alfonso! It was a day we willalways remember :)

Written 12/30/19


Round Rock, TX

We Love the Quadman



We have been renting quads since 2012 from the Quadman!! Ron is easy going and very helpful. Everyone that works with him is awesome.

Written 11/06/19


Durango, CO


Great communication with Ron via email and phone before arrival. He outfitted an almost brand new side by side for us for our 2 weeks of fishing and exploration. Rod holders, cooler, etc. Alfonso delivered our machine to the rental house near La Ribera on time and was very helpful and informative. We could not have possibly had the fishing and spearing trip we did without Quadman rentals. Best pricing I could find in the area as well. Highly recommend this professional business.

Written July 20, 2021


Monterey Bay, California

Fun day made excellent by Quadman


Excellent communication and experience with Quadman. We will never go to Punta Pescador without using them again! In the past 15-20 years that we have been coming to Los Cabos, we always make a trip to Los Barriles, La Ribera and Punta Pescador. The latter being our favorite place to go but the road can be a bit treacherous and slow, even in a 4 X 4. We finally got with the program and rented side by sides for the day. We had so much fun and working with Quadman made it so easy. When we arrived, they had them all ready to go and after a little paperwork, we were on our way. Our go to place is El Viejo, but Quadman suggested La Playa restaurant. How do we fit it all in? Easy! El Viejo for breakfast shrimp tacos and La Playa for lunch. Both were outstanding and appreciate being introduce to another gem. Drop -off was easy and we were on our way back to San Jose. We will never go to Punta Pescador again without renting from Quadman. It was the highlight of our trip.

Written July 21, 2022

If you want to read more 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor, please click this LINK.

Ron, just want to send heartfelt thanks to you,Alfonso and Quadman.  You are all so friendly and provide the BEST customer service I have experienced in forever.  We’ll be back and rent from you all again, absolutely.  Mary Beth Schenk

Written 2/1/2024

Thanks Ron and the Quadman team!  


Ilse was a great help, and assisted us in renting a Teryx 800 so we had enough room for 6 adults and 4 kids for a day trip to Punta Pescadero and up the arroyo to the waterfall.   We had another great vacation in LB and the Pioneer 1000 was a huge part of our fun.   


Thanks again, and see you next year!


Jamie Rose

Written March 24, 2024


Store: +526241410727

MX Cell:  +526241686087

MX Cell: +526121009820

USA/WhatsApp:  +15038167515


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